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    Good day.

    I would ask for advice. Something happened to us taking orders.

    Everything is OK when creating the order. I will come to the payment, I will pay everything OK. The customer pays, the money for paypal comes to me. The problem occurs - the customer's product still remains in the shopping cart (as if he did not pay for it at all) A new customer is not created in the administration, no e-mail is sent and the order is not displayed in the TODO list either. I don't know why it stopped working. The last time I tested it was on version 8.6.13 (everything was ok) I currently have version 8.6.14. (restart, database optimization via panel did not help) I will be grateful for any advice.


    It should have been for all domains in the store. When someone orders web hosting with a domain, so they do not assign the price of the domain and I did not find in the administration or where the price could be set. I have a domain check module that runs normally, but I wanted to use your web hosting. I don't know how to reconcile it.

    Good day.

    I have Domain check and Domain suffix enabled in tekbase, all in able to display correctly. You order web hosting and choose a domain. The problem is that the domain price is not displayed.

    If I want hosting without a domain so the shop will not let me in the order.

    How do I add a price to a domain (not an option in administration) and how do I set a choice with or without a domain?

    well thank you

    Is it not possible to customize the server update button in tekbase in the user interface, for example, how is the OGP panel?


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    Hi, it is not important what ending the domain ends. Overall domain verification. For example, the customer enters when ordering web hosting and the system writes the domain is not free. Then he writes, system - domain is free you can register it.