Payment and server

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  • Good day

    I want to ask if tekbase can automatically create a server that the user pays when it receives the payment. If so, I would like to ask you for some instructions.

    well thank you

  • Hello,

    1. Admin panel - server module - servers - edit your root - prepaid option yes

    2. Admin panel - game module - game list - edit your games - set port range and steps

    3. Admin panel - shop modules - create categories, variations and products

    4. Admin panel - shop modules - automated - create a new automation

    5. Create payment methodes for online payment (paypal, sofort ag)

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  • Good day.

    In point 1. I probably have a translation problem, my item if it is correct is _RSERVERPREPAIDSERVER (I gave yes)

    Point 2 is ok I set it up to play cs 1.6.

    Point 3. I have the mind created well.

    Item 4. I do not have "automated" in administration!

    Item 5. I have created a paypal that goes well, I receive payments from the store.

    If you would like to send data to tekbase I sent you to DS and mail (DS name elkubik) You asked for data already on this question (payment) probably you know have not yet received.

    Thank you for your willingness