how to change startup parameters in case of webinterface?

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  • Hi all,

    I just wanted to modify the startup parameters of my CS: S server but I do not know how and where, because the gameserver is handled by a webinterface. The gameserver runs on a rootserver of GSP g-portal and I have full root access to it.

    I think I have to edit childa startup script, but where do I find it and how can I modify it if its a * .php file? Can anybody help me - maybe Hairy What is most likely the products of this GSP?

    Thanks a lot,

    I did not find the right solution from the internet.

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  • Thats an aspect we can not help you with as gportal uses their own webinterface to provide their services.
    Teklab is a company that offers a webinterface solution for virual and dedicated linux and windows servers.
    If you need to edit the start options, contact them or search their FAQ.
    Other option would be to rent a VPS, KVM Server or Dedicated Rootserver and try it our TekBASE.

  • @NicoKuroKusagi TekBASE can also be installed on a G-Portal root server.:)

    @JensenBreck Startscripts for gameservers are not php files. In the TekBASE you can store a start script for each gameserver. Create a in the directory where the game was installed.

    ./srcds_run -game cstrike +map $1 -maxplayers $2 +ip $3 -port $4 +sv_password $5 +fps_max "0"

    TekBASE -> Admin panel -> Game Modules -> Game list -> edit Counter-Strike Source -> Startskript
    ./ gsmap gsplayer gsip gsport gspasswd

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