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  • yes test it.
  • Please test it again. I change the "prepaid list" on server modules - dedicated servers.
  • Okay... i will check your payment settings tomorrow.
  • That looks correct, actually. Check server modules -> dedicated server -> index value -> test with 9999
  • Hello, 1. Admin panel - server module - servers - edit your root - prepaid option yes 2. Admin panel - game module - game list - edit your games - set port range and steps 3. Admin panel - shop modules - create categories, variations and products 4. Admin panel - shop modules - automated - create a new automation 5. Create payment methodes for online payment (paypal, sofort ag)
  • okay... please, send me your admin login to my email
  • Hello, /includes/domaincheck.php cant find this domain ending or the request doesn´t work. For which domain extension is it needed?
  • 1. you need a folder "game" in /home/myownimages 2. download cs1.6 zombie mods from the creators site 3. copy the extracted files into the "game" folder 4. go to /home/myownimages 5. tar -czf cs-zombie.tar * 6. copy this file to your imageserver (ftp or http) into the mods folder 7. adminpanel -> game list -> mods -> create a mod (name = zombie, game = cs)
  • If you need an automatically update after restart create an own for this game. (Code, 6 lines)
  • Hello, admin panel -> game modules -> gamelist -> csgo or ... -> edit -> install & update tab -> insert your update script. Change 740 to the steam dedicated server appid. 740 = csgo www / ftp download zip example: wget https://yourdomain/updates/your_csgo_update.tar;tar -xzf your_csgo_update.tar www / ftp download bash expample: wget;chmod +x;./ 740 game 740bash example: cd ..;./ +login anonymous +force_install…
  • I have moved the post.
  • If I search the domain then I get the message The selected URL is not available. and is free. This is correct.
  • Which domain (ending), for example?
  • Hello, admin panel -> shop modules -> products -> edit -> scroll down to "Domain Ending" Textbox and insert de com org net ...
  • Ist nun direkt von TekLab in der Entwicklung. Projekte von Drittanbieter lagen mangels Zeit oder Interesse auf Eis.
  • Bitte für neue Anfragen neue Beiträge öffnen und nicht ein von vor drei Jahren zumal es auch um ein anderes Spiel geht.Adminbereich -> Spiele Module -> Spieleliste -> Day of Defeat Source -> Startordner -> game

    Lexicon Article
    XAMPP is a completely free, easy to install Apache distribution containing MariaDB, PHP, and Perl. The XAMPP open source package has been set up to be incredibly easy to install and to use.
  • WinSCP

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    WinSCP is a free SFTP and FTP client software for Windows. WinSCP copies files between local and remote computer with various protocols: FTP, FTPS, SCP, SFTP, WebDAV or S3. Depending on the user's preference, a graphical user interface similar to either Norton Commander or Windows Explorer is available. In addition, experienced users can automate all WinSCP functions with .NET assembly or simple batch scripting.
  • UltraVNC

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    UltraVNC is a VNC software for Windows and is used for remote maintenance of computers. In addition to all VNC functions, UltraVNC also implements considerably more efficient compression algorithms as well as very system-oriented and therefore powerful techniques for intercepting the server screen. UltraVNC uses special Windows services and therefore only offers client/server software for Windows operating systems.