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  • EnglishTranslation

    If you are interested, I enclose a complete translation of the Tekbase administration into English
  • Sub domain

    Good day. After creating the game server / is there a button to create a web site with subdomain for the user? I want every user to create a small web hosting with my subdomain (clan hosting) I don't have a flash installed (I don't know how to integrate it) Well thank you
  • Good day. In point 1. I probably have a translation problem, my item if it is correct is _RSERVERPREPAIDSERVER (I gave yes) Point 2 is ok I set it up to play cs 1.6. Point 3. I have the mind created well. Item 4. I do not have "automated" in administration! Item 5. I have created a paypal that goes well, I receive payments from the store. If you would like to send data to tekbase I sent you to DS and mail (DS name elkubik) You asked for data already on this question (payment) probably you know …
  • Good day. Please, I have written more questions to the forum and sent you the data to tekbase. I have another question about automation. Everything I've set up as instructed in the fore, but it doesn't work. I have set up the payment automatically, port range also .... after paypal paypal comes customer's invoice and data to the tekbase interface (that's ok) but the server does not create only we display a query todo list. Please help
  • payment

    I sent you data to DS and also to mail. My DS name is elkubik
  • Good day I want to ask if tekbase can automatically create a server that the user pays when it receives the payment. If so, I would like to ask you for some instructions. well thank you
  • payment

    Hi. It should have been for all domains in the store. When someone orders web hosting with a domain, so they do not assign the price of the domain and I did not find in the administration or where the price could be set. I have a domain check module that runs normally, but I wanted to use your web hosting. I don't know how to reconcile it.
  • payment

    Good day. I have Domain check and Domain suffix enabled in tekbase, all in able to display correctly. You order web hosting and choose a domain. The problem is that the domain price is not displayed. If I want hosting without a domain so the shop will not let me in the order. How do I add a price to a domain (not an option in administration) and how do I set a choice with or without a domain? well thank you
  • thank you
  • Hello Please, how do I add to the game-mods and addon panel (for example: cs 1.6 zombie mods - cs: source source mod addon) well thank you
  • Thank you
  • This is then automatically updated after server restart?
  • Is it not possible to customize the server update button in tekbase in the user interface, for example, how is the OGP panel?
  • Hi, you have no experience with dns - Named (named is a Domain Name System (DNS)) I would need to configure it on the CWP7pro panel. I'd pay something.
  • Hi, it is not important what ending the domain ends. Overall domain verification. For example, the customer enters when ordering web hosting and the system writes the domain is not free. Then he writes, system - domain is free you can register it.
  • Great, I added, we show in the store and in the order, but as a customer or me whether the real domain is free